FRP Bypass APK Download for Android – Learn How You Can Bypass Factory Reset Protection!

FRP stands for factory reset protection. It is the feature included by google to protect your device. If in case you have lost your phone or your phone has stolen, and you are resetting your account in another device, you need to verify your google account credentials while resetting it using FRP Bypass APK.

This feature will protect your device with unauthorized access or taking undue advantage. All the devices mostly Samsung, Google devices, LG, Sony, HTC etc. are incorporating this feature in their devices to protect and maintain the privacy.

But many people face difficulty in reset their device or it become a cumbersome task for them. It may be due to any reason generally when anyone forgets his input like email or password or using a second-hand device. But now it is easy to bypass factory reset protection on your device with the help of FRP bypass apk.

How FRP bypass APK is Useful?

Today technology is in every hand and easy to reach. It’s not only about playing game or watching movies and videos in HD but it is also useful to save personal and valuable data. No one can afford to lose the privacy of such data. Keeping out handsets and devices safe is a big challenge in case if it is misplaced. When you have lost your account details and go for reset your account it will ask for the details which you had input while creating it. To help with this, FRP bypass APK app is useful for your android devices to bypass google verification.

FRP (Factory reset protection) bypass methods are available to use to reset your google account with bypass google account methods so that no one else except you can reset your account or credentials without your permission. It is possible that many of times owner himself forget the details, in such cases new account is required to input to reset the device. This device requires verification so that to go secure with google verification APK. This bypass google account APK is supportable to almost all android devices. This is completely safe and secure. This is supportable to android versions like 5.0,5.1.1 and 6.0 marshmallow. So, if it is possible for you to downgrade then go ahead and do it and then follow our guide.

FRP Bypass On Samsung Device

Factory reset protection bypass is available for all android devices. It is available for all Samsung devices and models say Galaxy J series, Galaxy A series and S series and edges. It is also supportable to all android versions already mentioned above. Some previous models and devices of Samsung like Galaxy note models did not provide FRP lock but they can update their devices with latest android updates hence available to take benefit of this bypass tools.

How to Download FRP Bypass APK

Just download FRP bypass tools and file and bypass any Samsung google account lock apk.

  1. You will have to download the Samsung FRP Bypass APK file and FRP bypass tools on your desktop or PC device first as it is not available on play store because the extension of file is (.apk). You may visit here to download the file.
  2. Transfer the APK file from your computer to your smart phone.
  3. Now locate the google FRP bypass APK file on it and tap on the file. This will take you to install the file on your device.
  4. After the completion of installation, you may allow to access the settings menu of the file.
  5. Out of the list of options, you will find “BACKUP AND RESET” option. Selecting this option, you may carry on the factory reset and wipe off all data of the device including your previous google account.
  6. You will have to reboot your device, after that you will bypass the google verification process.

Suitable Android Version:

Android is getting updates continuously to make it better and faster. Since the FRP bypass methods do not work on many android versions, you may have the option to downgrade the android version to the least possible firmware version. After downgrading the android version, you may try any of the method given above. All the devices including Samsung, LG, HTC Sony or Google have their own firmware downgrade procedures.


There are now no worries if you are resetting your phone and stuck to the google verification step, you may bypass the step by using FRP bypass tools and methods. We have provided here various tools and there uses to successfully reset your account without any trouble to you. This is a safe and secure tool that cause no harm to your device. Now if you lost your phone or credentials you may go for FRP Bypass tool to systematically reset your phone and account.

We hope that the provided information proves useful to you and works in any such occasions for you. Suggestions and feedback are welcome.

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